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LCD TV is a flat panel television that utilizes the liquid crystal display technology that has been used in phones, camcorders and computer monitors. LCD crystals do not produce their own light. So, an external source such as fluorescent bulb is needed for the image to be created by the LCD to become visible to the viewer. LCD TV’s are very thin, thus these are placed on a small stand on top of a table, desk, or hung on a wall very easily. If an issue arises in LCD TV, call the Econ service center. We try to troubleshoot the issues immediately by referring to the LCD TV service centre in Hyderabad. Some of the problems with LCD TV’s are,

For a black screen, check all the cables are functioning or not. Disconnect and reconnect each one and eliminate the faulty cables if possible. Replace the cables if necessary.
If the LCD TV turns itself off randomly, check the sleep timer to see if it is programmed to turn off at set intervals.

If the television is on, but no image appears, it takes time to turn on, or other display issues, the capacitors in the TV may have gone bad. If they are faulty or malfunction, the top of capacitor look like a convex shape, leak some sort of fluid or shows other signs of corrosion. For example, Samsung TV’s use 10-volt capacitors but for replacement it is better to install 25-volt ones. Replacement of capacitor needs soldering. If you can’t do it, call Econ service center for help. The technician from LCD TV service centre in Hyderabad will come and replaces the faulty capacitor with a new one at minimum price.

For some small scratches on screen, rub with petroleum jelly which will help to minimize the appearance of scratches. For a cracked screen, replacement is necessary. You cannot fix the screen individually and it should be done professionally. Try to approach LCD TV service centre in Hyderabad to resolve the issue at your doorsteps. If you want to fix the screen at home individually, unplug the TV and remove all cables. Use a screw driver to undo the screws and remove the pieces of the frame. Disconnect cables and wires attached to it. Replace the screen and reconnect the wires, then reattach the frame and screws.

If the picture on the LCD TV is dim, then it may be a problem with backlight. You should handle the parts with care because, backlight tubing may contain mercury vapor. This issue should be repaired by the professionals at LCD TV service center in Hyderabad because they know how to remove safely and dispose of the backlight tubing.
LCD TV’s develop image persistence which is similar to pixel burn, if an image stays on the screen too long. Turn off TV for 24 to 48 hours. In addition, lowering the brightness of the image helps to conserve the bulb life for the TV.

LCD TV provides clear, high definition picture quality at any price range. LCD is covered with a clear plastic screen, fingerprints, dirt and dust may build up on the screen. Cleaning products such as water, vinegar (mixed with water), isopropyl alcohol, petroleum benzene are used to keep the screen without causing damage. But the glass cleaners can damage the protective film and ruin the picture quality. Econ service center provides fast performance and professional repair service for any type of brands such as LG LCD TV, Onida LCD TV, Panasonic LCD TV, Samsung LCD TV, Videocon LCD TV, Sony LCD TV, Philips LCD TV etc. For more service information, visit www.econserviceecnter.com.