Is your Sansui TV broken or not working? Expert TV technicians from Econ service center can easily diagnose and fix the faults in your Sansui TV’s. The TV service engineers at Sansui service centre Hyderabad are capable of repairing all types of Sansui TV’s like LED, LCD, plasma, flat screen TV’s as well as projectors, and computer monitors.
Sansui LCD/LED, plasma TV’s: Does any of your flat screen LCD/LED TV has any issues like vertical lines, half of the screen has turned darker, the screen is cracked or broken, can be repaired at Sansui service centre Hyderabad. If the screen is cracked or broken, you can replace it. Our experts provide Sansui TV maintenance tips to increase the life span of your beloved LED/LCD TV. An LED TV is just an LCD that uses an LED backlight as its light source. It requires less power in the same way as LED light bulbs require. An LCD TV is a series of switches (transistors) in an array over crystal filters (red, green, blue). A backlight is placed behind the array of filters. To generate the picture, the switches open and close to allow the different wavelengths of the backlight. An LED/LCD TV’s requires low power consumption, comes in low weight with a thin design.

Generally a plasma TV has excess voltage on some connectors. So, do not touch any on the back of the TV while it is running. Identify the faults in the Plasma TV like picture is clear or not, signs of sparks or image retention on the screen. Because the plasma sets are more prone to burning out pixels. We recommend you to have someone around you while you service your plasma TV. Sansui plasma TV’s could be better in a dedicated theater room. Plasma TV’s are heavier and costly to transport. These offer superior color accuracy, reduced in blur and greater viewing angles. Early plasmas had issues with short life spans and burn-in issues. Later on these problems have been resolved by the manufacturers.

Common problems in Sansui plasma TV’s:

Our expert technicians at Sansui service centre Hyderabad provides troubleshooting tips for Sansui plasma TV issues.

If the picture lines going left to right in fixed positions, the Y-buffer is faulty or Y-driver connections are loose. In rare cases, control board may be the faulty if the dark lines are occurred on the rest of the screen. In this case, firstly power off the TV and let it be discharged. Disconnect the connector and check if the black bar appears on the middle of the screen and lined on the screen. If you can’t see the lines any more, this might be a connector or buffer IC fault. Try to reset the connector and clean it by using a small amount of contact cleaner if available. If the group of rows in a buffer is failed, replace the buffer. It is expensive and easy to replace. If you are not sure, contact an electronic appliance repair technician from Econ service center.

Found the sparks on the picture? It can be caused due to several problems such as power supply voltages, sustain sun-voltages, time settings, control board firmware, panel aging.

Sansui TV’s maintenance tips: When the brightness of the TV is reduced to half of its original brightness, this means that longevity is decreased. The lifespan of any television is defined as the increasing in the dimness. To protect the brightness of the televisions and to maintain TV for longer, we at Sansui service centre Hyderabad provides maintenance tips. Turn off the TV when not in use. Running of the TV most of the time may reduce over 1000 hour’s annual wastage of its life span. It also helps in increasing the longevity and saves the electrical bill. High brightness levels affect TV’s life span. Adjust the contrast levels as per the usage. Use a voltage regulator to avoid power fluctuations. A voltage regulator helps in providing additional power during fluctuations. These tips help you to maintain the better picture quality and increase the longevity.

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