Television Sets Repairs Centres

Econ Service Center brings you its exclusive brand and technology driven servicing and repairs for your television handsets in Hyderabad across all location. Try out our dedicated TV Service Centre that caters to brands like LG, Samsung, Onida, and Videocon etc.

Our team of experts is picked from various brands that are in market for television handsets and has got the expertise in handling the technology and software on which the designs of these handsets are being manufactured. Give us a try and be rest assured that your prized possession is in safe hands.

If you are looking for TV maintenance, TV repair services or a brand new TV, Econ service center can help. Our service center is best and most trusted for fast, quick and provides easy local service for repair and maintenance of your TV’s like plasma TV, HDTV, projection TV, LCD TV, LED TV, and flat screen TV. We offer repair services for any brand of TV’s like Samsung, LG, Onida, Philips, Toshiba, Videocon, Sony, Sansui and more. When you request or book a service, we will connect you to the best local TV and television repair service technicians at the TV service centre.

If you have a broken LCD LED TV screen which has any type of damage such as vertical lines running, spots, patches, cracks and breaks, we will suggest you the tips to get it fixed. Now days, many TV’s like plasma, LCD, LED are large and delicate. So, it has more chance to falling over when attached it to the wall and cracks on the screen may occur. We will give you some possible ways to fix the cracked screens without buying new one. If your TV has issues like spots, vertical lines, distortion, fading, color issues and unusual bright pixels, you can contact TV manufacturer and use the warranty. We provide repair services for both warranty and no warranty TV’s at the TV service centre. If you have a warranty for your TV, be sure that you have a purchase receipt, TV model number, serial number on the back of your TV and guarantee card issued at the time of purchasing. If your TV has power on but it has no picture, a number of things which may cause this condition such as, loss of input signal, TV input is set to non active source, remote control is non functional, and TV system is locked up and needs to be reset.
If you’re TV has no sound but has picture, check the connections and make sure that the cables used for audio are plugged in securely into the same inputs. If you hear incorrect audio for the program that you are watching, the SAP mode may be on. Set the MTS feature to stereo mode. If your TV remote control is not working, replace the remote control batteries, clean the upper edge of the remote control, and check the battery terminals. If your TV remote control is still not working, the remote sensor may be defective, an electronic glitch in the remote or due to the bad batteries. Our TV repair technicians from TV service centre will provide you the tips for troubleshooting the repairs.
If a black box is occurred in the middle of the picture, go to the setting or audio menu and check how to change the closed captioning settings. If the TV has no picture but OSD (on screen display) and sound are still working, there may be problem with the TV itself, or with its cables. It needs to be repaired by the technician and HDMI troubleshooting will help you to fix this issue. If the TV has no picture, has no OSD’s but sound is ok, it has an internal problem that will require repair. Check the backlights, power supply, and the TV panel that may be problem. If you see the backlights, then there may be a problem with the video processing circuitry. If the TV has horizontal lines like dark, light or colored lines rising through the picture, our skilled technicians are capable of repairing these issues very quickly. If the TV has shutdown problems that is when the TV is turn on and turns off itself, then there may be a problem with the internal circuitry. Our professional technicians from TV service centre will diagnose the issue and repairs at low cost.

Econ service center is one of the best places to purchase TV replacement parts like circuit boards, screens, panels and other useful parts for plasma, LCD, LED, flat screen TV’s at good prices. For more updated service information, please visit our website